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Informational Fact Sheets

Annuals & Perennials:

Annuals for Difficult Sites

Annuals for Heat and Drought

Annual Plants for the Garden

Basics of Flower Gardening

Perennials for Difficult Sites

Perennials for Shady Sites

Suggested Plants for Containers


Minimizing Waste Disposal: Grass Clippings

Plant Nutrients in Municipal Leaves

What is Compost?

General Gardening/Landscape Practices:

10+ Most Common Gardening Mistakes

Mulch Mania

Rules of (Green) Thumb in the Garden and Landscape

Insects and Pests:


Bees and Wasps

Controlling Mosquitos Around the Home

IPM in the Home Landscape

Natural Pest Control: Using Beneficial Insects to Control Landscape Pests

Stored Product Pests in the Pantry

Prevent Tick Bites: Prevent Lyme Disease


Conserving Water on Home Lawns and Landscapes in New Jersey

Fertilizing the Home Lawn

Renovating Your Lawn

Residential Lawn Care

Tall Fescue Varieties for New Jersey

Weed Control in Home Lawns


Soil Testing for Home Lawns and Gardens

Trees and Shrubs:

How to Fertilize Shade Trees

Selecting Trees and Shrubs

Transplanting Trees and Shrubs


Container Gardening With Vegetables

Growing Tomatoes in the Home Garden

Mulches for Vegetable Gardens

Planning a Vegetable Garden

Varieties for New Jersey Vegetable Gardens


Poison Ivy and Brush Control Around the Home Grounds

Weed Management in Ornamental Plantings

Rutgers Master Gardener Program